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 Guild Bounty Rule

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PostSubject: Guild Bounty Rule   Guild Bounty Rule Icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2008 7:56 am

When one of our members is attacked for PvP once, no matter how much stam was used in the attack and how much gold was lost, then it is their problem to deal with, ie: putting a bounty up on the Bounty Board, attacking that person back, speaking with the attacker asking to give gold back, etc. There WILL NOT be a guild bounty placed on anyone for a single PvP attack, and our members WILL NOT send out a Mass Message asking all members to attack said player. You CAN, however, simply state in Guild Chat that there was a bounty placed.

if you were attacked by someone in one of our Ally guilds, DO NOT place a bounty! I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT PLACE A BOUNTY ON ANY MEMBER OF ONE OF OUR ALLY GUILDS!! Notify one of the Guild Leaders and we will deal with it from there. Which means you will have to check BEFORE you place a bounty to make sure the player that attacked you is NOT in one of our ally guilds.

If any of our members is attacked twice or more by any player we can then set up a guild bounty. First, speak to one of the guild leaders as soon as possible to set up a time for the bounty. (PLEASE make sure you choose a time that you are DEFINITELY able to be online.) After we have arranged a time for the bounty, the leader will then notify our allies asking them for their help, and a Mass Message can then be sent out informing everyone in the guild of the bounty and when it will be placed. Please be aware that this takes some time to set up and you will need to give guild leaders at least 12 hours lead in time. You ARE allowed to also add in a delevel bonus. (Please make sure you have the funds to cover 5 delevels (possibly even more) as the guild will NOT cover you for funds you should be paying out if you don't have enough to do so.)

So thankful this deployment is over and my soldier is home safe!!

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Guild Bounty Rule
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