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 Forsaken Kings history and stuff.....

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Forsaken Kings history and stuff..... Empty
PostSubject: Forsaken Kings history and stuff.....   Forsaken Kings history and stuff..... Icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2008 11:08 am

Eventually we will get round to having a full mission statement.

For now I thought it might be helpful for our newer members to have a bit of background info about Forsaken Kings.

The original guild founder was Killa06. He pretty much single-handedly created all the structures, recruited members and made many alliances. Killa called this guild Forsaken Kings because he had been betrayed in another game he plays... hence the name. He passed the guild over to DRAGNBAITe . Under DB's leadership we rocketed up the top guild rankings, very quickly making the top 50 and then the top 20. DB had a lot of help from many people who have made this guild strong, too many to mention but I will say Dargonox, Keyora and Vampiresco were influential... plus many many loyal members who decided to stay and help us us grow (you know who you are!!!)

DB made many mergers that made us even stronger. So what we have in the guild now are many people with experience and knowledge of running a guild. DB had to leave the game for a while and Vampiresco took up the mantle as Guild Founder, introducing a tight xp tracking system and continuing to develop and grow FK.

Here are some of the things I learned from our previous founders:
Be generous - with buffs, equipment, experiences. I used to log on to play and Killa would buff me straightaway with AL (remember we didn't even have LB at this stage of FS hstory!)
No pvp - xp is the most important thing in the game
Stick together and help out - we have delevelled and wiped out a few thieves and liars from this game and we are proud of it.

Phew I think I wil stop there...

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Forsaken Kings history and stuff.....
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