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 General information about Forsaken Kings for applicants

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PostSubject: General information about Forsaken Kings for applicants   Fri May 23, 2008 9:24 pm

We have 16 pages of Guild Store and over 1400 tagged items. Most fully forged.

Attack groups are MAXED

We are not a pvp guild, therefore we do not have - and are not planning to get - the pvp structures

All other structures are fully upgraded.

Our Guild taxation is currently at 20%, which covers the current cost of structures. Further donations to the guild are at members discretion and welcomed, to help pay for the cost of mercs and upgrades.

FSP donations to the guild are also voluntary.

Guild members are generous with buffs and generally helping out. We believe in working together. Freeloaders are not welcomed...
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General information about Forsaken Kings for applicants
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