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 Guild Store Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Store Rules   Guild Store Rules Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2008 2:07 pm

Guild Store is for the benefit of the whole guild ... as with everything else, common sense and common courtesy will enable all members to make the best use of this resource. All members have immediate access to store and retrieve items so that you may use the equipment you need to maximise your efficiency.

Super Elite sets are in high demand and costly to buy. Therefore these must ALWAYS be returned to guild store once you have completed your training. SE sets WILL be recalled leaving you exposed to pvp. Persistent offenders demonstrate no team spirit and will be kicked.

Remember that each guild store space costs 50fsp. So it makes no sense at all to keep stuff in there that is worth less than 2 fsp. Anything worth less than 2 fsp that is not a LE item will be removed and destroyed.

Anything that goes in GS is deemed to be guild property. Therefore do not expect to be able to tag your items and be able to untag at a later date without prior agreement with a guild leader.

Any drops that you get from hunting with groups belong to you, but you must remove from GS as soon as possible.

Any drops that are not picked up by group leaders must NOT be removed without permission from a leader or senior ranking member's advice.

Before you start hunting with groups it is your responsibility to check that there is a slot available in GS.

We have far more items held in backpacks than we have in GS. Any items held by inactive members may be recalled for personal use. Active members, however, may have equipped their training items to wear defense or attack sets for some reason, so it is YOUR responsibility to talk to your guildmate about whether you may use that item.

We will not recall any items that are equipped where there is an alternative available (unless it is one of the SE sets or a high demand item that we do not have enough of, such as the void ring).

Whenever items are recalled, guild leaders and members who have earned this permission MUST always send a pm to notify that items are recalled, especially if those items were equipped. The only time you may recall items is when a member is offline for more than 30mins. The easiest way to tell is when the green spot light of that member disappears in guild manage page. Please note that if you are inactive for 30 minutes you will show up the same as if you have logged off.

I personally do not advise loaning gear to guildmates without tagging them, unless you know them well and they have earned your personal trust. We will tag items that are loaned provided YOU ensure the cost of tagging is covered through deposits to the guild (over and above your taxation) and clear this with a guild founder. However if this is abused and creates additional workload for leaders then this may be revoked. You need to ensure that you have enough backpack spaces for yourself and not abuse the GS to compensate.

Guild member are to remove guild crystalline gear when logging out. If a leader catches you having logged off while still wearing guild crystalline gear, we will recall the gear and message you a warning. If you do it a 3rd time, you will be stabled 24 hours.

If a guild member uses crystalline gear while hunting and their Unbreakable buff runs they will receive a gentle reminder to get the buff. However if a guild member uses guild crystalline gear and does not get the Unbreakable buff to begin with, they will receive an immediate stabling for 24 hours. Repeat offenders will be kicked from the guild.

Breaking any of these rules, or using GS in such a way that it creates extra work and wastes time of leaders, will result in a ranking in the stables, and a possible boot out of the guild.

Guild Store Rules DontmesswithPsycoMaddy
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Guild Store Rules
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