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 LLG - Moving.

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LLG - Moving. Empty
PostSubject: LLG - Moving.   LLG - Moving. Icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 8:58 pm

For my Fellow Forsaken Kings, I am making this post to direct my thoughts.

I have received an opportunity to join my friend and #1 mentor in this game Bewslayer in TEW.

I want to say I'm not leaving FK because I'm unsatisfied with the guild, I'm not upset, at anyone or anything. And I have tried to be an Asset to FK. I hope you feel that I have. Not that long ago my previous Guild WolfandEagle folded under and I spent a significant amount of time Searching for guilds. At that time I had applied to TEW after they had closed recruiting but before they had locked the boards.

I went in search of a home that i thought would last many more months than it did, for the short notice of me leaving I am sorry.

Thank you especially to Alarond and POLSKADUMA for being great friends, and Spike, Maddy, Monty, and Tof for critically listening to my suggestions.

FK is a Great guild, I like the gossip in the chatbox scrolling by.

Thank you for including me in your family.

While I have board access I will respond to questions and comments here but more likely I will be removed sooner or later. Please feel free to drop me a holler in game.
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LLG - Moving.
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