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 Our agreement with allied guilds

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Our agreement with allied guilds Empty
PostSubject: Our agreement with allied guilds   Our agreement with allied guilds Icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 5:10 pm

Guild Treaty


1. Will not occur between our guilds

2. If one of our guild mates accomplishes a PvP attack, guild leadership will rectify the issue and the following actions will be required of the offending player:

a. the offending player will return all gold lost
b. pay for repairs
c. apologize for his/her actions to the offended player.


1. Can occur between our guilds with separate agreement .
2. No player in crystalline gear will be a target unless buffed with UB, level 160 or higher.
3. No retired player will be targeted


1. Are fair game.
2. Empowered relics are not fair game unless the attacking guild intends to take over the control of the relic in question.


1. No member of our guilds will place a bounty on each other.

2. May clear members of each other guild from the bounty board after:

a. ensuring no one else is clearing the bounty by PMing the player on the bounty board and informing them of your intent to clear their bounty and that you are from an allied guild.

b. activating the buff conserve upon self to minimize negative results

3. Only 10 Stamina hits will be used.

4. There is no requirement to assist players on the bounty board because of PvP actions they initiated


1. When requested will buff members of the other guild on the bounty board at no cost

2. When requested by Guild Founders both parties agree to act together and attack the offending guild(s).

3. Are NOT required to assist if the war started because of PvP actions or willful belligerent actions.

4. If called upon to honor this agreement in a war where both primary guilds are allies we agree to take no active part in the war for either side.

5. If called upon to honor this agreement and an ally guild is involved, but not the primary guild we agree to join the war and attack all guilds that are not allies.


1. This agreement does not dictate any agreements on buffs other then in times of war. Buffs may be given free, at cost, or discounted between our guilds in accordance with the desires of the individual players in our guilds.

Duration of Agreement
1. This agreement is effective until one of the parties contacts the other guild with intent to end the agreement

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Our agreement with allied guilds
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