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 hey guys miss yall

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PostSubject: hey guys miss yall   hey guys miss yall Icon_minitimeFri Aug 20, 2010 10:57 pm

hey whats up everyone miss yall, things are goin good on this end. would be cool if i could play this game again but oh well lol. hows the guild holden up? just thought of yall and all the good times we had together. things are goin good here. ive been goin to school for a year now and i'm not doin too bad at it. got a good plan this semester. i'm getting into good shape got myself a new haircut... OFF WENT THE CURLS... and now i'm hopin to get me some babes. get at me and get my account back up and running on here and i'll keep sayin heyy.
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hey guys miss yall Empty
PostSubject: Re: hey guys miss yall   hey guys miss yall Icon_minitimeWed Sep 15, 2010 11:25 pm

Things have been real quiet. Monty is MIA for months now. Boop quit after being hacked. Maddy works a lot these days and does not get on as much. A few new people in the guild, some stay some don't, so the usual in that sense. Me I am working, working, working making sure that I take care of my family. Took some vacation time this summer went camping. I got sent to California for work and then flew my family out to LAX where I picked them up and took them to Disneyland for a day.
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hey guys miss yall
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