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 UnWanted and For Sale

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PostSubject: UnWanted and For Sale   UnWanted and For Sale Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 4:11 pm

I've got some stuff in my BP that i'm wanting to get rid of. The guild owns some of the stuff but most is random craft and/or unforged. If the guild would like to have them tagged for guild use they will be half price. I just wanted to give everyone a chance to check it out before i sell it outside the guild. Just PM me in game or reply on this forum if anyone is interested.

Sphynx Helm E/FF 20 Fsp
Dark Blade Helm P/FF 20 Fsp

Dark Blade Dagger P/FF 20 Fsp
Sarabaite Gloves P/FF 20 Fsp
Sarabaite Boots P/FF 20 Fsp

Xinderoth Eye Rune P/FF 20 Fsp
Xinderoth Eye Ammy E/FF 20 Fsp
Broken Fang Shield P/FF 20 Fsp
Broken Fang Rune P/FF 20 Fsp

Sthenos Gloves P/FF 20 Fsp
Sthenos Helm P/FF 20 Fsp
Sthenos Blade P/FF 20 Fsp
Sthenos Mail P/FF 20 Fsp
Sthenos Boots P/FF 20 Fsp

Colossus Chest Plate P/FF 20 Fsp
Boots of Rawtargin FF 15 Fsp
Helmet of Poldor FF 15 Fsp

Deaths Head Bone Shield P/FF 150 Fsp
Deaths Head Signet Ring P/FF 150 Fsp

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UnWanted and For Sale
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